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About warranty service principle:

1: consumers need to obtain the warranty service provided by the authorized dealers (authorized by the list of authorized distributors). If the product purchased by an unlicensed merchant will not be able to enjoy the warranty service, any problems and expenses arising from the use of the product will be borne by the consumers themselves. The relevant maintenance costs shall be promulgated by the following parties.

2: consumers encounter headset quality problems, please contact our after sales service center. (see below for contact.)

3: consumers need to send headphones, warranty cards, invoices or receipts to the after sales service center, without any quality assurance service can not be enjoyed.

4: consumers need to headset damage, name, phone, return address and other details of the message, attached to the headset, sent to the after-sales service center.

5: if it is necessary to replace the product, it must be identified by our technician, and the wire and its appearance shall not be damaged or damaged.


On postage problems during maintenance:

1: after sales service center does not accept any form of delivery to express.

2: maintenance machine testing will determine the attribution of responsibility, attribution is divided into quality problems and man-made damage. If the quality of the goods is handled by the consumers, the company will bear the postage on the return journey. The responsible person is responsible for the damage, and the postage and the maintenance cost will be borne by the consumers themselves. (details of maintenance charges and payment information are determined by the following formula)


Warranty regulation:

1: under normal operation use, failure, without repair, appearance without fouling, can be purchased within 7 days from the date of valid vouchers.

2: belong to the following situation does not belong to replacement. Warranty scope.

Failure caused by improper use, such as shock, impact, drop, bending, etc..

For unauthorized users or disassemble the company special maintenance overhaul caused by failure.

Long term products are placed in humid, strong magnetic field or water immersion failures.

Faults caused by natural disasters.

Unable to provide valid warranty documents.

3: replacement. Warranty only for the main part of the headset, other random accessories and gifts are not in the replacement, warranty range.

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